2019-05-05 14:24:48

The 24th Iran Int'l Oil Exhibition Inagurates

TEHRAN(PEDEC)- The 24th Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition (Iran Oil Show-2019) officially opened with the presence of Petroleum minister of Iran Bijan ZangenehA  in the international permanent fairgrounds of Tehran on Wednesday 1st of May.

Bijan Zangeneh on the sidelines of the 24th Iran Oil Show addressing a press conference said theA US attempt to bring Iran’s oil exports to “zeroâ€? is a delusion and added anyone using oil as a political tool will have to assume the consequences.

He also mentioning that US word can not run oil markets said "US OPEC allies had been overstating their spare capacity in claiming that they would supply enough oil on the market once Iran’s oil has been driven out of the market under US sanctions" .


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