2019-04-07 13:03:08

Oil Facilities Are Not Obstacle in Water Flow to Hour Al-Azim Wetland

TEHRAN (PEDEC) – The CEO of Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) announced clearly that oil facilities had notA  been obstacle in flowing water to Hour-Al-Azim Wetland. Severe floods hit several provinces in Iran over the past fortnight, killing dozens and sustaining hundreds of injuries. Touraj Dehghani said in spite of tough environmental condition, production and development of oilfields continued nonstop in West Karoun. He remarked the proximity of oil facilities in West Karoun region to the wetland denying the claims that the oil facilities had prevented the flow of flood water to the wetland, located in the southwestern province of Khuzestan. Dehghani stated the importance of CSR in PEDEC and said “ the necessity of accomplishment of coexistence and convergence between work components and developing goals is defined in policy of the company. Accomplishment of draining of Hour-Al-Azim Wetland, prior of the torrential rain is the prominent evidence of itâ€?.

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